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Water heater repair & installation

Do you need a new hot water tank? Whether electric or natural gas, we can help. Ask about upgrading your home to a Tankless unit as well.


​Boiler repair & installation

Is your boiler losing efficiency? Ask about our descaling service. We can also install new boilers, heating systems, heat exchangers and pumps!


​Bathroom and kitchen renovation

If you're looking to update a bathroom or kitchen, we can help. We can move fixtures to new locations, re-pipe old systems or just replace old fixtures, what ever you need!


Poly-B re-pipe

If you have Poly-B water piping in your house, you're at high risk of a leak damaging your home. Talk to us about replacing all the Poly-B in your home today!



If you're installing a new gas appliance, changing from electric to gas or need a new gas system installed entirely, North Face Plumbing has the means to do it.



​Water piping repair & installation

If you've developed a leak, we can find it with minimal intrusion to your home and fix it. Whether it's a small leak on an old fitting or a broken seal on an old bath tub, North Face Plumbing has the know how to get the job done.



Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​

Interested in a new look? Let us work with you to install new fixtures throughout your home. Whether they're old and leaking or if it's just time for a change, we can work with our suppliers to get you the best product.

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